My New Obsession 

Gel nails. I’m addicted. I never used to wear polish on my fingers. But now I can’t get enough. I’m a horrible nail biter, so as soon as I would chip a nail, all of it had to come off. I pick and pick and then my nails looked horrible. When I first tried gel nails from the salon, I loved them! The best thing about gel nails is the fact that if you really treat them right, you can make them last for a week or more. Again, cause I’m a nail biter, I could get a week or so out of them. Having to pay an arm and a leg for a weeks manicure just wasn’t worth it to me, so when I heard from a coworker that you could do them at home, I knew I needed to try it out.

I’ve learned quite a bit since my first manicure but I figured we should start from the beginning. 

My husband purchased me the Red Carpet pro manicure kit from Ulta. It’s very well priced and you get almost everything you need to start out. The kit comes with a 8 watt led lamp, a red polish (Red Carpet Ready), a base coat, top coat, Prep (A alcohol base to help bond the polish to your nail), Purify (a cleanser for before and after you polish), cuticle oil, and cuticle sticks.  I’m not gonna lie, when I saw all the steps, I got overwhelmed. So instead of messing up on myself, I used K as my guinea pig.

K said she wanted superman nails, so I went with the red gel that came with my kit (Red Carpet Ready) and a sparkly blue also by red carpet manicure (Shimmering Gown).  To add a little something extra, I cut small superman symbols out of vinyl and layered them between coats of top coat.

Please excuse the poor picture. At the time I didn’t know I would be blogging about it.

 Things I have learned from this manicure –

  1. Smaller decals. The edges lifted almost immediately. With the curve of the nail, the smaller the better.
  2. Stay away from the cuticles. This is so hard and takes practice, especially on your own hands. 
  3. If you make a mistake, it’s easy to clean up… Just make sure you clean it up before you cure the polish. It’s not going anywhere after that.

All in all, I was very happy with my first attempt. I’m still learning what works for me and fun little tricks. I’m looking forward to sharing them all.


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