Dirty Dancing

For Christmas, my daughter and I got season tickets to the theater.  So far it has been such an awesome bonding experience. This week we saw Dirty Dancing. I love theater and I love the movie Dirty Dancing… I was not impressed with the show. 

If you want to see an exact replica of the movie played out on stage, this would be the show for you. But to me, it had no life, no energy. No one will ever be Patrick Swayze, so to try and be his clone is impossible. The actress that played Penny had no emotion.  Her scenes were dull. 

There were a few redeeming points to the show though. The dancing was amazing. The actress that played Baby was cute, even if she was no Jennifer Grey. But the best part of the show was the actor that played Johnnys cousin, Billy. He sang In The Still of the Night and it gave me goosebumps. 

I thought it would be fun to do my nails for every show… I decided to use the shows logo as inspiration.

And this is what I came up with…

For this look, I used Gelish Passion on my thumb, index, and pinky. On the two middle fingers, I used Gelazè White on White as the base. On the middle finger, I attempted to use tape for straight lines with the Passion color.  I found that the tape method is a bit tricky. The lines did not come out as crisp as I was hoping for. If anyone has any tips, I would love for you to share. On the ring finger, I used three coats of Am I Making You Gelish from Gelish. 

My cuticles are still so dry! What does everyone do to keep them moisturized during these harsh winter months?


Valentine’s Day

In my books, Valentine’s Day is a nice but not necessary holiday. I’m all about love and presents but I guess I really don’t need a holiday to force me into it. I’m also still in a Christmas coma two month later and I’m kinda done with holidays for a while. 

This year for Valentine’s Day, Mr. Funsized Flair, our two babies and I are going to go up to Flagstaff  for a fun weekend of relaxing and track meets! But, in honor of the day, I had to do a festive manicure!

For this manicure, I used Gelish Go Girl and Gelazè White on White. Go Girl is a bit thin so I had to use 3 coats. Once the color coats were done, with a dotting tool, I added the dots to the pointer and index finger.

For the jewel, start with a small dab of your base coat where you would like it placed. Once you have placed the jewel, add a bit more base coat around it with you dotting tool then cure. After the curing process is done, a good top coat will keep the jewel in place. The key is really making sure the base coat surrounds the jewel. When I first did this manicure, I didn’t apply enough and it fell off, when I redid it it did not budge.

I would love to see everyone’s Valentine’s nails. 

My Nail Journey

Since I have started doing my nails, it has been a process. Every time I do them I learn something new. 

1. My poor little nails. You can definitely tell that I’m a nail biter. This manicure took me forever since it was my first time. The most important thing I learned from this manicure was you have to use thin layers, even if it takes you a few coats. If you use thick coats, you will easily be able to pick it off… Which I did.

This manicure was done with Red Carpet Manicure Black Strtch Limo and the loose glitter from the RCM glitz and glitter kit.

2. Second time around –

This is RCM On The Catwalk and charcoal craft glitter. I’m still trying to get the perfect technique for loose glitter.  I love this color combo though.

3. Third times a charm? –

I’m not gonna lie. I really wanted to like this color. Unfortunately this was not the case. This is RCM Fake Bake. On the bottle this color looked a perfect neutral, in reality, it’s got a weird yellowish tint that I do not love. This color was also very thin. This required three coats and still was a little sheer.

4. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Manicure

I needed the perfect manicure for a night out at the theater. For this manicure I used Gelazè White on White and four different colors of craft glitter. I patted the colors in different spots on my nail and blended to create a holographic effect. I will definitely be using this  technique again!

5. Last but not least –

I wore this polish the longest. I love love love this color. This is Gelazè For Audrey. I accented the index finger with chunky glitter from the RCM Glitz and Glitter kit. Chunky glitter is a bit of a pain to use. You have to make sure you have a good coat of top coat to ensure that the glitter isn’t rough. If it is, it will snag your hair and, if you are like me, you will pick it. A light filing also helps to smooth the rough edges.

That brings us to my most current manicure. There are still issues that’s need to fix. Because of the dry weather, my cuticles are hideous. An even though I don’t bite my nails as much, it seems like I constantly have to fight from putting my hands in my mouth.